Why now? And why with Japanese company?

Japanese companies are constantly looking for business partners in abroad because of Japanese aged society.

Japan market is still big even the population is decreasing. However, if they dont prepare for the ice age, middle sized companies will not survive. And that is why so many companies in Japan are trying to find a good market in ASEAN countries.

But why now?

One reason is, as we mentioned, they are willing to have a partnership, which means they will make a effort to understand more of situations and conditions.

Second reason is, since Japan market is still big and good condition, they have plenty resources and since they need to invest on something anyway, they will give you fund when both needs meet.

Why Japanese company?

Have you experienced this? You already had some offers and they were from European companies. After having a meeting, you felt intimidated and couldnt imagine running a company together.

We actually also hear often that both side cant understand their communication ways, post management integration dont work and nothing proceeds.

But how about with Japanese company?

Since we are both Asian, we both understand how we communicate such as we talk indirectly,

Interested in business partnership?

Great future starts here.

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