Our vision

Connect Philippines and Japan”, that is our vision.

For us to accomplish our vision, we provide business matching to investors and companies as one of our mission.

I have been living in the Philippines for 5 years now, and I love the Philippines. Great nature, beautiful beaches, friendly and kind people, juicy tropical fruits, family oriented, it is a great country! On the other hand, I love my country too. Beautiful nature, great foods, clean and organized city, it is very nice to live in Japan.

I love both countries, but both has different problems. Philippines has great growing market, but they dont have enough resources and technologies. Japan has great resources but we are in aged society, we need to find new market.

I have been pondering about how we can solve these problems, and one day I started to consider that Philippines and Japan can help each other and grow together. At the same time I had many opportunities to talk with filipino CEOs and I realized that their business partnership matches very much and has a great potential to has synergy.

We hope we could help you grow more and see great future together.

Founder Satoki Matsuzaki

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